Check out the Amston Lake mystery series. Other books by Larry Zimmerman include Murder in the Grove, a mystery set in Mt. Gretna, PA; Collectanea, a collection of 12 short stories; The Elephant Graveyard, a mystery; The Legend of the Stones, a fantasy novel for young readers; two poetry books: A Metaphor of Love and A Virtual View of Love; and Homeowners of 1869 in Union and Snyder Counties, Pennsylvania, an aid to genealogists. Download an order form in Word or PDF format.

Murder at Amston Lake

Murder at Amston Lake: Dirk Adler, a retired Systems Programmer and troubleshooter, finds a dead body in an abandoned stone foundation near Amston Lake, CT. Not content to wait for the snail-like investigation by the police, he branches out on his own to discover why the man was killed. Uncovering the reason for the murder, he almost gets himself and his girlfriend killed. Accompanied by his pet pig, he follows a trail that leads from Hebron to Manchester to Martha's Vineyard and back to Amston. Join Dirk, Margot and Wendell on an exciting and enigmatic adventure in this classic mystery novel.

2007, 107 Pages, ISBN 0-9660040-6-X.
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Haunting at Amston Lake

The Haunting at Amston Lake: One day, while Dirk Adler was surfing the net, he came across an article about paranormal activities that were supposedly taking place in the woods in Amston, CT. Interested in verifying this, Dirk and his pet pig Wendell, along with his girlfriend Margot, set off into the woods to learn the truth. They find there is more in the woods than ghosts.

2007, 139 Pages
ISBN 0-9660040-7-8. Free + shipping
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Search for Amston Treasure, by Larry Zimmerman.

Amston Spirits: Retired computer programmer Dirk Adler is halfheartedly trying to renovate his lake  bungalow when mystery and history lure him away. A trio of women help him uncover secrets that have lain buried in the woods of Amston for almost three hundred years. Brainy girlfriend Margot, sexy siren Veronica and ethereal psychic JoAnne all have a role to play.

The situation escalates when a developer starts to construct a subdivision in the woods. A series of bizarre accidents lead the police to Dirk's doorstep. Eagle Rock holds the final key to this mind-boggling mystery.

2007, 113 pages
ISBN 0-96660040-8-6. Free + shipping
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Death in Amston Waters, by Larry Zimmerman.

Death in Amston Waters: Dirk Adler and his friend Joe Wolf plan a quiet, relaxing afternoon of beer drinking and fishing. They catch a body instead of a fish. Despite warnings from his friend and lover Margot St. Ronan, Dirk decides to investigate on his own how and why the death occurred. His investigations narrow the possible suspects down to two likely candidates.

Unfortunately, while trying to keep Joe out of trouble, he inadvertently becomes a suspect himself. The local residents around Amston Lake offer tidbits that both hinder and help Dirk in his investigation. Margot reluctantly offers suggestions and then helps him in his pursue of clues, as they team up to uncover a motive and the murderer.

2007, 113 pages
ISBN 0-9660040-9-4. Free + shipping
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The Search for Amston Treasure, by Larry E. Zimmerman

The Search for Amston Treasure: This nail-biter of a mystery brings Dirk Adler face to face with his wildest dreams and his worst nightmare.   An enigmatic poem, Bible verse and other puzzling clues challenge even the brainy Margot St. Ronan.  Together, they try to discover the secret of Prophet’s Rock.  But Dirk’s failure to follow Margot’s sage advice could cost him his life.  

You won’t be able to put down this enthralling tale of murder and mayhem in the little town of Amston, Connecticut.

2008, 123 Pages
ISBN 0-9660040-3-5. Free + shipping
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Amston Poison

A Case of Amston Poison: The FBI and the CDC speculate that terrorists are testing a weapon of mass destruction in the small town of Lebanon, CT.  The weapon is ricin, a deadly poison that has no known antidote.

What the authorities don’t know or suspect is the connection of the terrorists to Dirk Adler and Joe Wolf.

Dirk, Joe, Margot, Veronica, and of course Wendell the pot-bellied pig, risk their lives at Amston Lake to solve a ruthless crime.

2008, 137 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9822116-0-1  Free + shipping
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Amston Gold

Amston Gold: Stillman Wilcox enlists Dirk Adler’s aid to help him find six bars of gold that have been buried for over three hundred years.  Stillman, with the help of Dirk and Margot, decodes the mystery of a long forgotten treasure map.  The search progresses until some unforeseen events result in Dirk fearing for his life. Follow the two men on their search to discover the hidden treasure.  Danger lurks as Dirk and Margot realize that they are helpless to bring a killer to justice. Enjoy the people in the real environment around Amston Lake and especially the antics of Wendell, Dirk’s pet pig.

2009, 135 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9822116-1-8  Free + shipping
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Amston Arson

Arson at Amston Lake: Dirk Adler finds a strange symbol on the wall of a house at Amston Lake that was the object of a mysterious fire.  Little did he know that the symbol would lead him into dangers from a religious sect that was holding secret meetings in empty cottages around the lake.  When Dirk almost became a victim of arsonists, it was time to get serious and stop the sect and destructive fires. How could two thousand year history lead to impossible events at a small lake in Connecticut? Enjoy the people in the real environment around Amston Lake and especially the antics of Wendell, Dirk’s pet pig, and his new son Winky.

2010, 164 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9822116-2-5  Free + shipping
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Amston Fortune

A Fortune in Amston Lake: Dirk Adler and Margot St. Ronan, while having a picnic on Dibella’s Island at Amston Lake, notice lights under the water.  Later, investigating the reason for the lights, Dirk accidentally finds a gold coin on the Sunken Island.  Possession of the coin leads Dirk on a dangerous adventure where he is almost killed.  Through clever detective work, Dirk meets up with a woman from his past, and with her help, finds out who is behind the attempted assassination, and why. How could a three hundred year old coin end up in Amston Lake?  Was it possible that more coins could be found on the lake bottom? Enjoy the people in the real environment around Amston Lake and especially Dirk’s Double-u boys, Wendell and Winky.

2010, 127 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9822116-3-2 
Free + shipping. Also available as an eBook for $2.99 at Barnes & Nobles and Apple iTunes.
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Amston Face

The Face in the Rock: Dirk Adler is approached by a young college student to help her find a magnetic rock that apparently was predicted by Nikola Tesla to be in the Amston Lake area. By connecting an apparently random statement by a neighbor to a suggestion from his friend Joe Wolf, Dirk searches the south woods and finds the mysterious rock.  Little did Dirk know that his discovery would develop into an unexpected murder.  Of course, much to Margot’s chagrin, he also became a possible victim. Read how Dirk discovers the real mystery of the face in the rock. Enjoy the people in the real environment around Amston Lake, and especially Dirk’s Double-u boys, the pot bellied pigs named Wendell and Winky.

2010, 175 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9822116-4-9  Free + shipping
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Amston Witch

The Amston Witch: All Dirk Adler wanted to do in retirement was fish, drink, and enjoy Margot St. Ronan's company, though not necessarily in that order. However, Dirk’s goal never seems to be Dirk’s fate.

Margot asks Dirk to accompany her to a psychic reading from a local medium, Madam Dianne Teratoid. Although Dirk agrees, he really thought psychic readings are a con job by people whose only purpose is to part you and your money. Coincidently, Dirk is a victim of a random accident that changes his entire outlook on predictions and premonitions. To understand how to use this new found ability, Dirk returns to consult with Dianne Teratoid, leading him on yet another Amston Lake mystery adventure!

This is the eleventh book in the Amston Lake Mystery Series that takes place around the beautiful Amston Lake. What is fact and what is fiction in this intriguing book is for the reader to discover.

2011. 248 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9822116-5-1
Free + shipping
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Murder by Design

Murder by Design: Dirk's misadventures continue. His buddy Joe hires him to help with a construction project. They find more than they bargained for in an abandoned mansion. once again, Dirk's curiosity gets the best of him. He launches an investigation. His tireless quest leads him from the boardroom to the bedroom.

But his ineptitude lands him in the deadly midst of a complicated plot involving science and murder. Just when he think he has it all figured out, he realizes things are seldom what they seem.

2012. 202 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9822116-7-0
Free + shipping
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Vampire at Amston Lake

Vampire at Amston Lake: Dirk Adler becomes worried when he hears construction noise next door to his cottage on the usually quiet road near Amston Lake. The construction stops when a skull is unearthed. Investigation by the State of CT Archeologist reveals a grave where a man had died from a deadly disease. Dirk checks on the skeleton after a heavy rainstorm and notices a ring on one of the finger bones. When he removes the ring, he unleashes a terrible entity. Fearing for his and Margots life, he must discover how to return the ring to its rightful owner and stop the unexplained deaths happening around the lake.

2013. 158 pages.
ISBN 978-0-9889621-1-8
Free + shipping
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The Turner Legacy.  A History of Amston Lake by Larry E. Zimmerman

The History of Amston Lake  Version II: An entertaining and comprehensive history of of the little community of Amston, Connecticut. The author's research ranges from as far back as the early 1600's to present day. Beginning with evidence of the Dutch trading with Pequot Indians, a time line is drawn that allows the reader to easily follow the chain of events through history.

Events covered include the bloody Pequot and Mohegan Native American war, the role Chief Uncas played in the region, how and when the towns of Lebanon and Hebron were incorporated, a visit by George Washington to both towns, the 1853 purchase of furnace property and all land around North Pond by Phineas Turner, his Supreme Court victory awarding him exclusive rights to all water and land under and around the North Pond, the vital role Charles M. Ams assumes upon purchasing Mr. Turner's property, the formation of the tax districts, and the eventual purchase of Amston Lake by the residents.

The text is enriched by colorful an intriguing color photographs. Exhaustively researched, entertaining in nature and impressive in appearance, Mr. Zimmerman has created a most interesting literary work. The author's attention to detail combined with his conversational, narrative style will appeal to any reader with an interest in American historical events.

The book covers Native Americans, automobile manufacturing, the beginning and end of the Air Line railroad, disputes over taxes, water and land rights, and a variety of entrepreneurial adventures. It is filled with fascinating and amusing anecdotes and quotes that make life in this small New England community come alive.

Find out:
  • Why the brother of Mohegan sachem Uncas tomahawked the Narragansett chief
  • Who settled Hebron
  • What famous person said in 1781 "Siberia alone can be compared to Lebanon, with a few cottages scattered in the midst of a vast forest
  • How did the local silk industry rise and fall
  • What is in Al Capone’s safe
  • What is the "ghost train"
  • The story behind a telegram that read "Express Dr. Hearst's rear end with broken parts to Amston"
  • How the victims of a 1930 plane crash on the shores of Amston lake were identified
  • Why the town didn't accept an offer to acquire Amston Lake for free
  • Amston's connection to the Shroud of Turin
  • How the Fire Chief's young son set the Assistant Fire Chiefs' shrubbery ablaze
  • Who threatened to drain the lake dry and take out the dam with a bulldozer
  • Why there is no 180 foot cell tower on the lake.

  2017, V2, ISBN 978-0-9889621-2-5, 270 pages.

Version One       N\A                               

Hard Cover w/index V2   $60.00 plus shipping
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Collectanea.  Short stories by Larry E. Zimmerman

COLLECTANEA: The historic 44-foot water wheel that drove the Turner Silk Mills provides the backdrop for a short story about a young boy. Three other stories are based on real events that occurred while the author spent a summer at a ranch in Durango, CO. Another recounts folklore from Woodstock, CT. Finally, two Christmas stories will touch your heart and provide material that you will read to your children and grandchildren for years to come.

2006. 89 pages. ISBN 0966004043. Free + shipping
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The Elephant Graveyard by Larry Zimmerman

THE ELEPHANT GRAVEYARD: A venerable Victorian house sits unobtrusively on a nondescript street in a nondescript town. The rooms abound with furniture and decorations that time has forgotten. The house is for rent at a price one cannot pass up. But strange events and movements materialize to all who rent the house. It seems that an elephant doorstop is connected to these eerie occurrences.

2006. 79 pages. ISBN 0966004027. Free + shipping
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The Legend of the Stones, by Larry E Zimmerman

THE LEGEND OF THE STONES: A young girl named Carly, who lives in an ancient world, discovers some rocks with runes on them. To learn what the writing means, she travels to a Monastery. There a monk directs her to an old hermit living in a cave in the mountains. The hermit tells her that she has been chosen to carry the message of the Ancients to the present time.

Almost simultaneously, a young man named Jarod is trapped when a roof collapses on him. The hermit appears to him and tells him that if he can overcome his entrapment, he will be the guardian of the message carrier. Jarod frees himself, and with the help of a map, finds the cave and Carly.

For three years, Jarod guards Carly while she studies the ancient scrolls stored in the cave. Carly gains knowledge of the awesome powers needed to fulfill her mission, and to open the door to the future.

2005. 207 pages. ISBN 142088798X. $5.00 plus shipping
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Murder in the Grove, by Larry Zimmerman

MURDER IN THE GROVE: Mrs. Anabelle Forster was lying on the hard black macadam of the aisle, a bright red patch of oozing blood spreading over her clean white blouse. Two bullets had entered her chest, inches apart. Annie would never see the third act of "The Vinegar Tree."

Amos Lenker, Captain of the two-man police force confronts a murder that takes place in the Mount Gretna, PA playhouse one summer evening. While trying to unravel the complicated clues, he discovers a plot to tear apart the tenuous peace of the Camp Meeting and Chautauqua Districts. The novel is interspersed with tidbits about the history and topography of Gretna. Enjoy a unique adventure into an anachronism of cultures.

2006. 124 pages. ISBN 0966004051. Free plus shipping
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Homeowners of 1868 in Union and Snyder Counties, PA, by Larry E. Zimmerman

HOMEOWNERS OF 1868 in UNION AND SYNDER COUNTIES, PENNSLVANIA: In 1868, G.D. Beers surveyed two counties (and possibly more) in central Pennsylvania. Pomeroy & Beers of Philadelphia published the maps that resulted from the surveys.

This book is an aid to genealogists. To make it easier to research the maps of this part of Pennsylvania, Zimmerman extracted all the names from the maps and has listed them alphabetically by township within Union and Snyder counties.

1989. 96 pages. Library of Congress #89-80579
Free plus shipping
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Metaphor of Love


This adult collection concerns sensuous love, cleverly created from the imagination and subconscious of the author, using metaphoric language to portray in words what may not be conveyed by the senses.

Love - elusive and indefinable, the greatest paradox in history - is the most generic subject of all and a universal theme in poetry. Love may take many forms - from the simple to the complex. But it is sensuous love that dominates our dreams.

2012. 109 pages
ISBN 978-0-9822116-6-3
Free + shipping
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A Virtual View of Love, by Larry E. Zimmerman

A VIRTUAL VIEW OF LOVE: A poetic adventure that may be real or imagined. Zimmerman starts with a simple meeting of two people on a misty night, carries you along to the ultimate fulfillment of developing love, and then transports you to the eternity of the soul. It is a journey you will never forget. Zimmerman's arousing images, both sensuous and sensual, inspire your imagination to dream of days past and possible nights ahead.

1998. 85 pages. ISBN 0966004000, Library of Congress # 97-74334. Free plus shipping
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Larry Zimmerman

About the Author: Larry E. Zimmerman graduated summa cum laude from the University of Hartford with a major in mathematics and a minor in literature. He worked for and retired from IBM after 25 years as a Technical Industry Specialist. During that time, he taught programming classes and wrote many application programs and manuals for the banking industry, while continuing to write poems, short stories, plays and novels for his and his friends' enjoyment.

In retirement, he continues to write and teaches poetry and writing classes to senior citizens. One popular class involves showing classic movies and discussing their merits and shortcomings. Larry's favorite class is "Poetry in the Movies," where he shows how poetry influences the story. He has also taught Expository Writing at a Connecticut community college, and was a substitute teacher for short time at a local high school.

Larry lives with his wife Joan on the shores of beautiful Amston lake in Hebron, where he sails, swims, fishes and dreams of histories that once were and perhaps will be.

Contact the author: by email at Contact Larry Zimmerman, author

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